Learning to receive love from food means:

No more guilt: You are in control

No more confusion: Your body knows what works

No more fear: You will know what works for you

Discover your

relationship with food,

so you can fall in love with foods that heal you

inside and out!

I am on a mission…..

…to change the way you feel about food, your kitchen and nourishing your body with foods that heal. My passion for preparing simple and delicious meals was ignited while living in Italy. Now I work with women through a 1 on 1 coaching program that includes a VIP personal retreat in a beautiful location designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

-Amy Civica

Together we will discover Your:

Relationship with food: so you fall in love with the foods that heal you

Positive body Energy: so you release unwanted inflammation and weight

Pleasure in the process: so you find joy in your kitchen and creating meals that nourish

Ability to embrace your challenges: so you can interpret what your body is telling you

Embrace your relationship!

  • You are worthy of an amazing relationship with food

  • You are ready to be brave for your body

  • You are determined to stop the vicious cycle of dieting

  • You are ready to have food be your friend

  • You are open to new ideas to get you there

Where you can find me…….

© 2022 Amy Civica - The Food is Love Experience

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